We invest in people, do you know why?

People create ideas

ideas create business

business create jobs

jobs create growth

growth creates development

Sanzel, contributing to the development of Angola.


The Company

Sanzel is an Angolan company, positioned in different business areas, gathering around our professional activities distinct professional skills, at the service of customers them too with diverse needs and expectations.

Specializing in Trading, particularly in intermediating trade on the domestic foreign market, Sanzel search solutions with professionalism, agility, reliability and transparency, always advising their clients in all processes of import and export in its various market segments.

We are composed by a technical body highly capable of offering quick and precise solutions, where its operations are tailored for each client adding value to them, capable of levering the profitability from operations and ensure its financial feasibility, searching sistematically for new business oportunities, being this the secret on offer to small, medium and large corporations, favorable conditions so they can direct their efforts to their respective business areas.

Take the opportunity to visit our areas of activity, and to put ourselves at your disposal to provide you with our services, making sure that we offer you the reliability, responsibility and safety.

We believe in your ideas, we invest in your business, and so we invest in people.

We invest in people.

The company slogan reflects our active sense of social responsibility as we try to contribute to the betterment of the society we are part of. Our employees are critical to our performance in all business areas in which we operate. Therefore, and in order to continuously enrich our culture, we invest in developing their skills and competencies.

Each of us must take their share of responsibility and contribute to build our future, we must all be better entrepreneurs, a restless spirit ready to embrace new directionsit is needed, and to be more daring and innovative in finding solutions and opportunities in every challenge. With the help of everyone, tomorrow we will be an even stronger nation, never failing to take into account the social commitment that unites us to the communities that surround us.

We want to be known as an organization that functions on the basis of trust, a contributor to a more prosperous, fairer, more ethical, and better sustainable society. We have strong values​​, a method, and unique culture.

Rúbio Pimentel, Eng.º - C.E.O

Be a reference company in all fields we operate in, and assume as central pillars a sustainable development, adding value to all its employees, suppliers and clients.

Our mission is to create economic value based on ethical and trustworthy relationships for the medium and long term, bringing the benefits of progress to a growing number of people.

  • Ethics
  • Inovation
  • Efficiency
  • Discipline
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Growth


"We dispose of a technical body highly capable of offering quick and precise solutions, where its operations are tailored for each client."
Rúbio Pimentel, Eng.º - C.E.O

  • Trading

  • Hospitality
    & Tourism

  • Transportation
    & logistics

  • Construction
    & Real Estate

  • Distribution of food products
  • Distribution of vehicles
  • Textile industry
  • Wood, aluminium, and steel industry
  • Furniture & Interior Design
  • General Commerce
  • Publicity & Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Miruca - Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel 3 Palmeiras
  • GuestHouse Coqueiros
  • Transpim's - Transportes, lda
  • Sanzel Business Center (SBC)
  • Palanca Building
  • Hotel 3 Palmeiras
  • Miruca Resort Mussulo
  • Home, office, and comercial space rentals